Private: 70-year anniversary ceremony of resettlement of the Skolt Sámi


70 years anniversary ceremony of resettlement of the Skolt Saami, Saturday August 24th 2019

Time Place
10.00-12.00 Orthodox liturgy Marquee
12.00-14.00 Lunch break
13.15-13.45 Acceptance of greetings Marquee
14.00-16.30 Main ceremony Marquee
Opening of the ceremony
Leuʹdd-performace: Zoya Nosova and Jaakko Gauriloff
Ceremonial speech: Skolt Saami spokesman Veikko Feodoroff
Play: Tuõtt avi ǩee’les
Speech: Greetings of the Saami Parliaments in Finland and Norway
Speech: Sevettijärvi school
Leuʹdd-performace: Lilja Lietoff and Jasmin Semenoff
Releasing of the book Silbbseiʹbb rieʹmjj
Publishing the winners of Lookkâmsilttõs writing competition
Speech: Greeting of the Orthodox church of Finland
Vocal performace
Sing-along: Troparion of St. Trifon
16.30-17.00 Revealing the pro patria memorial for the Skolt Saami Church of St. Trifon of Pechenga yard
17.00-19.00 Market and workshops Sevettijärvi school and school yard
19.00-23.00 Evening concert Marquee
Jaakko Gauriloff 80 years -concert
Quadrille, accompanied by Vähänimiset -accordiongroup
Open mic – a chance for own music performance

It is possible to have lunch at Sevettijärvi’s eateries during lunch break, it is recommended to make a table reservation in advance:

  • Sevetin baari: Sevettijärventie 9040 C, tel. + 358 400 680 598, takes table reservations until August 18th
  • Porotila Toini Sanila: Sanilantie 36, tel. +358 16 672 509
  • Peuralammen camping: Sevettijärventie 90841, tel. +358 40 470 8845