Skolt Saami Cultural Foundation


The Skolt Saami Cultural Foundation was founded in 2008. Its objectives are to support and revive Skolt Saami language and culture and to guarantee their preservation for future generations. With all of its operations, the foundation aims at maintaining the vitality of the Skolt Saami communities in Sevettijärvi, Nellim and Keväjärvi regions.

To support its functions, the Skolt Saami Cultural Foundation has received discretionary operational subsidy from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland since the year 2011. Additionally, the foundation has received diverse project funding to realize its objectives. The operations and events of the Skolt Saami Cultural Foundation have also been organised with donations from private persons, organisations as well as enterprises.

The Skolt Saami Cultural Foundation aims at obtaining Skolt Saami Cultural Centre to be built in Sevettijärvi. It will function as a centre for living Skolt Saami language and culture. The centre will gather all possible information regarding Skolt Saami to be situated under one roof.

The Skolt Saami Cultural Foundation organizes annual events and small training courses related to the Skolt Saami culture. The Foundation cooperates activily together with other actors in the field. The Foundation informs about news and events on social media.